Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pinball Deluxe

Let's face it. You didn't buy a Blackberry because it was the best phone for gaming on the market. If playing games on your phone was that important to you, you wouldn't have purchased a Blackberry at all. With all the things that Blackberry does very well, gaming is really not one of them - that is, unless you are talking about Pinball Deluxe by Mobigloo, LLC.

When all of your BBMing, Facebooking and Twittering are done and you still have a few spare minutes on your hand, what better way to kill some time than firing up a game on your beloved Blackberry. And, if you had to choose only one game, make it this one.

Pinball Deluxe by Mobigloo, LLC

Pinball Deluxe is developed by Mobigloo, LLC and is currently in version 1.0.0 for the 9700. It is available for many different devices and OSes and is currently for sale for $4.99 on Mobihand.

As you probably surmised by the title of this game, Pinball Deluxe is a realistic and fun pinball game for your Blackberry. Among other things, Pinball Deluxe boasts
  • Plunger, Flippers, Bumpers, Targets, Roll-over, Slingshots, Ramps, Mini-Games, Captures, Nudge/Tilt, etc…
  • Realistic Physics
  • Smooth animation at over 25 fps
Top board

Game play
First and foremost for an electronic pinball game, you want the action to be smooth. Nothing can ruin your experience with any game, particularly pinball, more than choppy game play. Pinball Deluxe really shines in this area. I've played this game extensively over the past couple of days and not once have I experienced anything that can be described as choppy game play, bad frame rates, poor graphics or anything of the sort. At times, the ball can really get flying between the bumpers in the top board and even then when I was sure that the speed of the ball was stretching the game to its limits - not even then did I experience any slow down.

As far as features, for a pinball game on your phone, this one has plenty.

In addition to your ever present targets and bumpers, the right ramp leads you into the "Mirror House," a cool inverted miniature pinball game inside a pinball game.
Mirror House

On the top portion of the board, you'll find the Arcade on the right that launches a "Truck Attack" mini-game.

On the top-left, you'll see the Haunted Mansion from which you can launch a 2-ball multi-ball. I'll say again that even with two balls bouncing around the board, the game still performed admirably in the graphics department.
Arcade and Haunted Mansion

The capture in the middle of the board will activate one of three mini-games as well; ex. hit 6 targets with your current ball to get a bonus.

Controls are exceptionally easy in that virtually any key on the left-hand side of the keyboard controls the left flipper while the right-hand keys control the right flipper. You can use Space to launch the plunger and to nudge the table as well - watch out as you can easily Tilt with too many nudges!

You want to play games on your Blackberry - you know you do. You just think that they all suck. Well, I'm here to tell you that there are games out there for your phone besides Brickbreaker and Pinball Deluxe is one of the best. Controls are great, the graphics are awesome and best of all, this game is just plain fun.

Buy this game and see what gaming on the Blackberry is really about. 

This game was tested on a 9700 running OS

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